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Introduction to the Youtube Vanced Apk

The Youtube Vanced Apk is a popular modest modded version of Youtube. By adding many more features to the original Youtube app including the background playback, block ads, black/dark theme, download videos and offline facility and much more facilities.

For the non-rooted device users, the page installation and Download links are mentioned on the Vanced Apk. The application is give access to the Youtube Premium features as mentioned above.

If you hate adds on Youtube that bother while appearing in site you can use the Vanced Apk. Other than hundred of trackers, creepy users are loading on the Youtube, the user can block all of them. Here is the fastest browser that blocks all annoying hackers and others to make the favorite videos enjoyable in any second.

Which Vanced Apk should you choose?

As there are root variant and non-root variant, the users have to choose the relative vanced app. Although there are no virtual differences between root variant and non-root variant, have an idea about both variants.

  • Root variant
  • The root variant of Vanced app is replaces the official Youtube app seamlessly. Through this, you can directly open the Youtube links or call them active talking through Google Assistant via the Youtube Vanced app.

  • Non-root variant
  • If your mobile devices are difficult to make as rooted devices or you do not want to root your device, choose the non-root vatiant Vanced app. The package of the non-root Youtube Vanced Apk is different is different from the stock Youtube app. To install non-root variant, you have to add an additional companion app with your Youtube/Google account.

    More, you have to manually set Vacnced app as the default app for open links in Youtube. The non-variant application can use in root devices also.

How to install Youtube Vanced Non-root variant with Vanced Manager

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The Youtube Vanced producers created an easier method to get the Vanced app and run it. Users can install the Vanced Manager app and it facilitates the process of Youtube Vanced and MicroG. The application is making the way easier to choose the theme that want to use in installing future updates.


  1. Download the latest Vanced Manager to your Android device.
  2. Install the application and open it lately.
  3. Select "Non-root" option during the configuration settings.
  4. Click on "Install" that appears next to MicroG.
  5. Follow instructions while installing it through unknown apps.
  6. MicroG will completely download and next tap on "Install" when it complete download.
  7. Tap on the "Install" button next to Vanced.
  8. Select the preferred them and tap "Next".
  9. After selecting the preferred language and tap "Finish".
  10. Vanced will finish in download, and finally tap on "Install" to proceed in installing Vanced Apk.
  11. The procedure comes succeed.

Vanced Manager latest version comes up as 2.6.0 with its codename as Crimson.

Manual Installation without Vanaced Manager

The Vanaced Manager is the recommendation to use in installing and managing the modded Youtube Vanaced APK to have control over the installation of Youtube Vanced. You can install Youtube Vanced without using the Vanced Manager, and follow these steps mentioned below.

  1. Install latest Vanced MicroG Apk if you want to access it with your Youtube/Google account.
  2. Download the suitable Youtube Vanced Apk components.
  3. Install the set of Apk files using Split Apk Installer.

The non-root latest version of the Youtube Vanced can have as 15.05.54 through Architecture Language Theme component.

Youtube Vanced Apk Latest Version

App Name: Youtube Vanced
Version: 22nd June 2021
Requirement: Android 5+
Root Required: No
Version: v16.20.35
Size: 59MB
Get through: Google Play Store

Download Now!

You can have the latest version by download Youtube Vanced through the Google Play Services and enjoy video streaming with ad blocking and many features.

Main features of Youtube Vanced Apk

These features make the Youtube Vanced more effective.

youtube vanced apk for android
  • Features the AMOLED dark mode in reduce the eye strain and battery usage.
  • Ad blocking : Blocks all ads in videos and play videos in background.
  • Controls volume and brightness with feature Swipe Control like players called MX Player.
  • Auto-repeat feature allows to playing favorite songs and videos in a loop.
  • Switching versions from mini player to tablet version.

Customisation of Youtube Vanced app

  • Users can override codac options.
  • You can turn off 60fps or HDR playback to have a cinematic experience.
  • Can set up default video resolution.
  • Can change default video playback speed.
  • Ability to toggle advertisements.

  • Sponsor Block

  • Can skip annoying sponsored advertisements.
  • Allows to skip unwanted introductions, reminders, outros.
  • Keeping searching about API working progress.
  • Ability to submit segments to API.
  • Control over the sponsored segment.
  • Highlighting segments in specific colours based on the categories.

How to install Youtube Vanced in Android devices

Before installing the Youtube Vanced, download the Vanaced Manager apk file. Next, Download Youtube Vanced Apk on to your device. Continue in step by step in installing the Youtube Vanced.

  1. Before installing the application, allow the security for "Unknown Sources" on your Android device. Depend on your Android device model, the process will get different.
  2. For Android 7.0 and older versions, go to System Settings of the device. Then to Security. Inside Security option, turn on the "Unknown Sources".
  3. From Android 8.0/Oreo or above, you can have a dialog box while continuing through the installation. The dialog box will show a short cut to redirect to Unknown Sources Settings. Enable the "Unknown Sources" through it.
  4. In next step, open the Youtube Vanced and choose one from two options from Vanced or MicroG. First, install MicroG and if you have Android 8 or newer version, allow installtion for Vanaced Manager next. Through older version, it does not want to do something.
  5. If the notification, Reinstall option appeared, finish the installation and proceed in install Youtube Vanced app. Confirm the confirmation to install Youtube Vanced after the download is completed.
  6. After selecting the preferred language and the theme, you can continue in using the Youtube Vanced.

Download Videos with Youtube Vanced

The Youtube Vanced is allowing users to download videos on your phone without spending much time on it. The playlist manager is helping with iytBP download and the function allow user to organize the downloads.

  • The downloads can manage by folders, title, length, genre, and other meta data that the user like to include in categories.
  • The procedure of downloading videos through the phone is considered as the third-party application. The Youtube Download Manager can get through Google Play Services and it will allow to manage downloads with one application.

Youtube Vanced app is a useful application to enjoy break free video. You can get this app on your device and experience the video streaming with interesting features.

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